Mrs. B.

Mrs. B. is a student of history, living in Germany. She is in her mid twenties and soon to be a historian. However, she strives to go back to her one real passion, that is literature. She wants to go abroad after finishing her degree, prefarably to Canada.

She loves books (naturally so!), her friends, she likes to travel and she generally marvels at everything beautiful. She gets excited about fluffy little animals and tears up easily about a lot of things.  Examples? She cries when reading childrens books. Or listening to music. Or when there is a movie on tv that has a cheesy scene on, but combines it with the right music. Or simply displays a great idea. Even when it’s badly done. Trust on her to start crying a little. Or a lot. Depending on the scene, really. She is friendly and has a lot of humor. She likes to laugh. She’s often clumsy and you can trust on her to say at least one stupid thing a day. Which mostly makes her whine first, and laugh about herself second. The second part usually lasts longer.

When you meet her, however, you would probably not be able to recognise her. Mrs. B. is slowly but steadily vanishing. In her place, there is a young lady living her life, that has nothing to do with the Mrs. B. I just introduced you to. We will call her Mrs. D. , for she is depressing and dull, demotivated and destructive.  Like a little devil (oh! another D!), Mrs. D. would constantly prevent Mrs. B. from being herself, from doing the things she loved or thought to be  necessary.

Mrs. B. is not easily intimidated, though. When she realised that she was about to disappear from her own life, she  took action and conciously started to counter every step that Mrs. D. undertook to take over her life.

Because she thought it probable that her strange case wasn’t the only one of that kind, she decided to chronicle her adventures.


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